vTrial is a cutting-edge Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform designed to revolutionize clinical trials. Our modular system combines safety, user-friendliness, and real-time course correction ensuring seamless trial management. Unlock the potential of vTrial and experience streamlined trial management, empowered volunteers, and data-driven insights.

Here’s how vTrial can elevate your research endeavors:

  • Engage Participants
  • Efficient
    Data Capture
  • Quality Volunteer
    Database Management
  • Accessible
    Anywhere, Anytime
  • Sophisticated
    Relational Database
  • Compliance
    and Audit-Ready

Engage Participants Effectively

  • vTrial fosters participant engagement from onboarding to retention. Our AI assistant guides researchers and study participants, streamlining the entire process.
  • Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools—vTrial provides a unified login for remote and hybrid decentralized trials.

Efficient Data Capture

  • Capture source data swiftly and accurately. Our platform integrates seamlessly with clinical labs, ensuring data integrity.
  • Consolidate information from diverse sources into a single, intuitive interface.

Quality Volunteer Database Management

  • Your healthcare organization relies on volunteer support. vTrial’s high-quality volunteer database management software is tailored to healthcare facilities.
  • Store comprehensive data on present and past volunteers, facilitating effective communication and organization.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

  • vTrial is web-based and accessible from any device. Whether in the clinic or the field, manage your volunteer base effortlessly.
  • Store vast amounts of data securely, empowering your workforce.

Sophisticated Relational Database:

  • Our EDC system leverages a sophisticated relational database. Maximize functionality while maintaining data integrity.
  • Customize vTrial to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Compliance and Audit-Ready

  • vTrial adheres to 21 CFR Part 11 standards.
  • Rest assured, our system is 100% auditable, with a comprehensive audit trail.

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