vCRM is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed to optimize your company’s interactions with potential clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, vCRM streamlines feedback collection, analysis, and action planning, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Features

Comprehensive Feedback System:

  • Gather valuable insights on the services provided to clients.
  • Identify areas for improvement through rigorous statistical and data analysis.
  • Bridge gaps and enhance overall service quality.

Secure Access and Integration:

  • Securely access vCRM through user authentication (user ID and password).
  • Seamlessly integrated with your existing Active Directory domain.

User And Role Management:

  • Efficiently manage user roles and permissions.
  • Configure master data (e.g., Client master, business verticals, services master).

Insightful Dashboard:

  • Gain a holistic view of client details.
  • Visualize global client distribution on an interactive map.

Dynamic Feedback Form Design:

  • Customize client feedback forms with dynamic controls.
  • Tailor questions to extract relevant insights.

Email Configuration And Reminders:

  • Configure email settings for timely communication.
  • Set up automated reminders for feedback submission.

User-Centric Mapping:

  • Associate client Points of Contact (POCs) with specific users.
  • Streamline communication channels.

Comprehensive Reporting:

  • View feedback status reports.
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis.

Segmented Feedback Link Generation:

  • Generate feedback links based on services (e.g., Early Phase, Late Phase) and client POCs.
  • Targeted feedback collection for actionable insights.

Advanced Data Analysis:

  • Utilize various methods (charts, statistical outputs) to analyze feedback data.
  • Drive informed decision-making.

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