vBiz is a cutting-edge software solution designed to centralize feasibility responses including but not limited to BA/BE (Bioavailability/Bioequivalence) studies, Phase-1 studies, and much more. This robust system represents a significant leap toward modernization and optimal process management. vBiz not only bridges the gap between operational teams and frontline client responders but also serves as a secure repository for your valuable client database. Experience efficiency, security, and reliability with vBiz!

Key Features

Customized Workflow:

Tailor the workflow to your organization’s unique needs, ensuring seamless feasibility assessment processes.

Email Notifications:

Stay informed with timely notifications regarding study inquiries and feasibility responses.

Deadline Tracking:

Never miss a critical deadline. vBiz helps you keep track of inquiry response timelines.

Flexibility And Security:

Enjoy the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements while maintaining robust data security.

Role-Based Access Control:

Enhance operational efficiency by granting restricted access to authorized users. Minimize the risk of breaches and data leaks.

Comprehensive Reporting And Dashboards:

Gain valuable insights through detailed reports and visual dashboards.

Rapid Turnaround Time:

Respond promptly to partners’ inquiries, streamlining communication and collaboration.

Audit Trail:

Every action leaves a trace. Our comprehensive audit trail ensures transparency and accountability.

User-Friendly Data Entry:

Capture essential information, including timestamps and user details (first and last names).

Secure Access:

Only authorized personnel can log in using their unique user ID and password. Our system undergoes rigorous validation to ensure flawless operation.

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